Deep Sea In The Seed by Jun Jun Li

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  • Deep Sea In The Seed
  • Jun Jun Li
  • Page: 92
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781078751476
  • Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press

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Free ebook download for mobipocket Deep Sea In The Seed by Jun Jun Li (English literature)

Perhaps, the first line or brush of color on an open canvas is the most adventurous, also the most challenging. From this moment of beginning, all other expressions will follow. A blank canvas may therefore appear daunting - the way an author struggles for the opening word of the next novel or a dancer gracefully seeks balance with the first note of music. And yet, in releasing fully into the moment of possibility, true adventure begins. Through her artistry, Jun Jun embraces these moments with openness and depth of compassion for living. Her practice in teaching and co-creating is an experience that will open your heart and lift your spirit. The poems and paintings that follow are expressions flowing from complete surrender to creative inspiration - an embrace of a passion for sharing and gratitude arrived at through joy and struggle. This experience is not for the hurried or those only pausing for fleeting glance. So, as you journey into each page, be patient to explore the subtle narratives embedded in her paintings and the colors Intimately weaved into her writing. Be still - for peace may be found when reaching into the presence of the first moments of light. The way seeds open to the world. The way the seas accept all that flows toward their welcoming shores. May you enjoy each pairing of poem and painting, and the sincerity of heart through which it is shared. Avery Kintner Poet, Artist

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